Christoph Damm – Sculpture – I Love Punk

I Love Punk_Christoph Damm_2560


30 x 17 x 10 cm, 2014

Composition gold, fabric, on synthetic resin

The golden lamb is set in a contradiction of its material statement and its iconography, in which different forces struggle for power and influence. Where gold promises material prosperity, the Lamb of God promises salvation in the Hereafter. The “composition gold” leaf attracts our attention and, in reflecting the light, suddenly appears glamorous – just like a gem. The Lamb’s covered face remains an enigma. Not revealing its identity, it hides its face behind a pink mask, whose color is strikingly shrill. The object is completed by its title „I Love Punk“, which refers to an emotional devotion. Or is the observer’s attention and devotion drawn more to the monetary world – gold? Gold as a status symbol stands for luxury, wealth, power and a certain kind of freedom. This is in contrast to the idea of religious faith and thus allows for an unexpected perception.

Damm (*1964) was born in Nuremberg, and lives and works in Berlin. He studied Art Therapy/Pedagogy of Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences in Ottersberg. Damm’s work includes photography, paintings and installations. Since 1990 his art has been on display at various exhibitions at home and abroad. Damm questions both conventional thinking and accepted wisdom, and strives to tease out and thereby fathom the essence of things. Thus, he raises the question of the role of the human being in its omnipresent, everyday life and the way in which this is managed. Substance, form and composition conceal the questions expressed in the work and, consequently, consider the relationship between humankind, nature, culture.

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